About Us

Unlike most apparel importers, the Amerex Group began in Asia as an export company. The company's entrepreneurial roots extend back to 1932, when in Shanghai, Asia Trading, as the company was then known, exported silks, other textiles, china, beeswax and fur skins to the Americas and Europe. In 1946, with the end of World War II, the company established global headquarters in New York City under the Amerex name. Import and export trade between the U.S. and the Far East grew dramatically in the post war years. Within the next decade, the company became vertically integrated with strong New York-based design, marketing and distribution functions to complement company owned factories in Asia. To keep pace with the rapidly changing demand for different products, the company began divesting itself of its production facilities and by the mid 1980's was able to focus on the design and marketing of apparel. The company now has overseas offices in Asia that are engaged in the supervision of apparel production in over 100 factories worldwide.


Today Amerex is one of the largest manufacturers of outerwear, with design and manufacturing capabilities in fur, faux fur, wool, shearlings, faux shearlings, nylons, and other innovative synthetic fabrics. With three divisions: mens, ladies and kids, Amerex provides outerwear for the whole family. Coupled with a growing presence in swimwear, activewear and sportswear, the Amerex Group continues to thrive through the strategic acquisition of other companies, key licenses and the successful launch of proprietary brands.


Dynamic and progressive, Amerex is acutely attuned to consumers' demands for fashion, quality and value. Amerex serves thousands of retailers nationwide. Amerex is also committed to doing business only with those suppliers and factories that share Amerex's commitment to fair and safe labor, health and environmental practices.


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