Known for sophisticated swimwear with an edge, designer Red Carter lends his contagious charm, unique design outlook and years of industry experience to the wildly popular label that bears his name. After years of tutelage from some of the best in the fashion industry, Red was ready to capitalize on his hard work, his way. After moving to Miami Beach in 2003, Red quickly became inspired by his new surroundings and motivated by the city’s ever-present energy and bold Art Deco style.

Outerwear for Everywhere

People to see. Places to go. Things to do. That's the non-stop nature of modern life for the whole family. That's why Weathertamer creates Outerwear for Everywhere - jackets and coats designed to go the distance in any condition, and look good every step of the way. Today's lifestyle is increasingly centered around casual and active outdoor occasions, driving your need for appropriate outerwear. Whether you prefer a casual or more sporty look, your busy lifestyle demands outerwear that can take you through the day and look suitable in a variety of occasions.

As real as going home. As real as everyday heroes. As real as Wrangler.

Outerwear inspired by your everyday activities. Focused on comfort and durability, Wrangler Hero jackets are as comfortable as going home again. As real as the best things in life. Like catching green lights all the way home. Like realizing there's just enough time to catch a nap before dinner. Like finding a ten-spot that you forgot you had in your jacket pocket.Jackets as real as Wrangler. Discover how well Wrangler fits you.